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Instead of Cutting...

A year and two months clean :)

Woot woot!! Keep being amazing and strong :)

I've been clean for many months it's been so long I forgot how long it's been since I last harmed myself! :D

Oh my gosh that must be the best feeling in the world!!! Keep it up love!

I am 2 weeks clean today ! I haven't gotten this far in a year ! I am very proud of myself ! Thank you.

Yesss!!!! This is amazing dear!!

*sigh* 12 minutes clean

Any amount of time clean is amazing. Whether is be 10 minutes or a year. Keep it up and keep distracting yourself. Your urges will always pass.

I've missed your posts! Good to have you back!


2 months clean after a long relapse, thank you for everything <3

You are so very welcome. You are incredibly strong, love.

you are all fantastic human beings and deserve to be happy and healthy!! believe it or not you are all doing a great job at recovery and i believe in you! xxx

Xx :)

I'm nearly 9 months clean from self harm and I don't think anyone is as proud of me as myself

YAY!!! You deserve to be so proud and that’s all that truly matters. We’re both incredibly proud of you as well :)

I'm about two years free and I couldn't be happier! Yes it's hard not to go back, but I've realized that cutting shaped me into who I am, and I realized that I can control my own happiness. Now I use my story and strength to help other people still struggling. Your blog is perfection and it always helps when I have a bad day:)

Wow you are truly incredible. I am so happy that you are winning this battle and that you are so strong. Never ever give up xx

Is it self harm if you don't cut very deep or leave scars?

Yes, anything done with the intention of harming yourself is considered self harm.